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Cook. Create. Share.

Jikoni (n.) kitchen

In Swahili, Jikoni means kitchen. At our core, that’s what we are; a space to learn about culture through the lens of food. 


What We Stand For 

We strive to make sharing recipes easier than ever— welcoming to anyone and everyone with a WiFi connection, a few pots and pans, and a willingness to forge new relationships and communities through food.

We strive for Jikoni to be a space where cooks of all cultural backgrounds can share their recipes with a community that was hungry for it. 

Jikoni aims to be a space that highlights cuisines and culinary ideals that are under-represented in the culinary field ultimately creating a community in which people can teach, learn, experiment, and belong. 

Jikoni will provide the tools for success and experiences meant to entertain and inspire. This is a place that exists on contributions and interactions by the people, for the people.

Kiano Moju

Founder & Editor of Jikoni