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8 Winter Warmer Recipes That Keep Us Cozy Through Colder Spring Days

8 Winter Warmer Recipes That Keep Us Cozy Through Colder Spring Days

We may be well into the new year, but that hasn’t stopped our feed from being full of those warming, wholesome soups and stews we’ve been enjoying over the winter months. Perfect for the cold nights that bring us into spring, here are our favorite soup and stew recipes from our #MyJikoni community!

1. West African Spicy Oxtail Stew (Obe Ata)

Vibrant in color and flavor, this Nigerian dish by Chef Nti is spicy, rich, and velvety. The base is made from smoked fish and dried crayfish, and combined with the habanero chili and seared oxtail, it’ll be sure to warm you through regardless of the weather.

2. Soup Joumou

Recipe developer Jasmyn Brielle’s Haitian Soup Joumou is a glossy kabocha squash soup flavored by thick-cut veggies, hearty beef, and a revolution. It was made as a January delight, being Haiti’s Independence Day dish that is always served on New Year’s Day, but you can guarantee we’ll still be eating it well into March!

3. Groundnut Stew with Chicken and Spinach

This Sierra Leonean take on Groundnut Stew from Chef Michaella is giving us exactly what we need: a little spice, a lot of body, and all the layers of flavor. Traditionally, groundnut stew is not cooked with greens, but this version is modified by adding spinach. Enjoy with rice, fufu, or on its own!

4. Pilchards Curry with Dombolo

We can guarantee that you’ll be feeling right-as-rain after Chef Nti’s South African curry warms both the belly and the soul. It includes a side of pillowy flour dumplings called dombolo, and the dish is made with classic canned pilchards, also known as sardines, stewed in a luscious tomato curry.

5. Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is commonly prepared with a combination of meat and leafy greens that are thickened with egusi, which is a protein-rich dried melon seed that can be consumed whole, or ground to a powder. There are variations all over West Africa including egusi stew from Ghana, Sierra Leone’s sawa sawa, or this Nigerian version from Chef Gabi Odebode.

6. Saltfish, Plantains, and Eggs

This is the perfect savory-sweet breakfast! Recipe developer Jasmyn Brielle swears by this Haitian breakfast staple that is salty, saucy, and mildly spicy. Saltfish is a preserved boneless codfish fillet that has been salted and traditionally sun-dried until the flesh is tight and dehydrated, which retains the nutrients of the fish and creates a deeper flavor and meatier texture – perfect for a stew any time of day.

7. Ringra Bateta

This potato, eggplant, and tomato curry has Indian origins, but this version by recipe developer and cookbook author Zaynab Issa also has elements from her Tanzanian household. Serve this dish with green chutney and roti, an unleavened wheat flatbread, or perhaps try it with our Kenyan chapati recipe. Name a better duo…

8. Shakshuka

This simple shakshuka recipe from our founder Kiano Moju turns your brunch up to the next level! Whether you’ve woken up to heavy skies and nose-freezing winds, or just want a classic taste of North Africa, this spicy tomato & egg dish can be enjoyed any time of day. Customize by adding in your favorite sausage, greens, or soft cheese.

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