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Jikoni is a collaborative platform of both editorial and community-submitted content. A space to share a meal, a story, and tip. We’re here for each other, and because of each other. Approved community submissions will be accompanied with a high-quality photo or video created by the Jikoni editorial team. Your name and socials will be highlighted along with a video featuring the author (if desired).

While submissions are currently unpaid, please keep in mind that as we grow, our resources will become less limited! We cannot wait for the day that we are able to hire you as freelance and staff writers. Until then, we ask for your patience, and we will work hard to get you the exposure that your efforts deserve.

Community submissions can be sent via our upload forms:

Recipe Submissions


  • Recipes
  • City guides
  • Food & beverage tips
  • Illustrations
  • Photo series/essays


Jikoni aims to highlight cuisines and culinary ideals that are under-represented in the culinary field. We have an emphasis of both traditional and contemporary African cuisine, foods of the African diaspora, as well as adapted international recipes that appeal to the African palate.


Anything useful for the home cook or entertainer. Tips & tricks, culture, music, agriculture, nutrition, food tech & entrepreneurship (specifically within the African culture & geography).


In the wise words of Trevor Noah, “Someone needs to invent a trip advisor specifically for black people… we want different things out of life.” This section is inspired by local insight from Black communities in their area, all across the globe.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’d like to contribute but can’t pinpoint an idea, hit us up; we have a ton! If you have ideas but don’t consider yourself a writer; we have an in-house editor ready to jump in!


Jikoni (n.) kitchen

In Swahili, Jikoni means kitchen. At our core, that’s what we are; a space to learn about culture through the lens of food. 


Jikoni aims to highlight cuisines and culinary ideals that are under-represented in the culinary field, ultimately creating a community in which people can teach, learn, experiment and belong. Our focus is African culture and people, in as many spaces and contexts as we can reach. 

From editorial pieces on such subjects as recipes, travel experiences, and kitchen tricks, to video content of cooking shows and round table discussions, Jikoni will provide the tools for success and experiences meant to entertain and inspire.

This is a place that exists on contributions and interactions by the people, for the people. Our bottom line? All roads lead to Africa.