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    Avatar photoKiano Moju

    We invite you to join Jikoni the #JikoniCookbookClub. Each season I will select a cookbook that will take your taste buds on an international adventure. It’s very similar to a book club, but with delicious food! In this club we will enjoy food from all over the world, cooking dishes from incredible cookbooks that teach about regional cuisines and culture, that you can then share with your loved ones.

    How Cookbook Club Works

    1. Get the Book & Gather Some Friends

    Find some friends who LOVE to explore new recipes and get the cookbook. Jikoni community members can connect on the Cookbook Club thread.

    2. Select a Dish

    Everyone in your club picks a different recipe to make and bring to a potluck-style/virtual meetup. It works best if you each pick a course (ex. appetizer, protein, veg, grain, etc).

    3. Set the Date

    Set a date and time for your cookbook club potluck/virtual party! Host a potluck party (or a virtual meetup if you’re area is effected by Covid-19) where you can discuss the book while enjoying the dishes you all brought. For virtual meetups, you can explain your dish to your fellow club members.

    Want to join the Jikoni Cookbook Club? Follow the above steps and share your dishes with us on Instagram @jikonicreative and use the hashtag #JikoniCookbookClub and we will feature some of our favorites!

    There is a different book selected each season, so be sure to follow along on Instagram and join our Newsletter for new cookbook announcements. Have a cookbook to recommend? We’d love to hear about it!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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