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Building The Jikoni Community

Building The Jikoni Community

Hey Jikoni community, Jasmyn here.

So you want to get involved but maybe you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you don’t have a recipe but you want to share your favorite restaurant (for when we can all eat out again). Figuring out how to participate can be a bit overwhelming at first so I thought of some fun ways for you to get involved in the Jikoni community right now. Think of this as a menu of ideas— you can choose what fits your appetite. You can try one thing or two or try them all!

Course 1: Get Social #MyJikoni

  • Follow us on our social channels YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so you can stay up to date with our content and connect with us.
  • Share Jikoni content with your own communities via social media or old school word of mouth. The more people joining our community, the greater our pool of knowledge will be.
  • Tagging @jikonicreative and using our hashtag #MyJikoni for relevant posts like…
    • I made a Moroccan Spiced meatloaf– a delicious twist on a simple dish. #MyJikoni
  • Comment on the site. We’re here to learn from each other, encourage one another, and grow. Share a tip on a blog post or kind feedback on your experience making a dish.  

Course 2: Submissions

  • Share a recipe. Not sure how to write one? Check out our guide here.
  • DM us on Instagram a short video (15-30 seconds) showing us what a typical meal in your city looks like. See the one I did here.
  • Share a city guide. Tip: Since we aren’t traveling, use a place you’ve been so we can all take a digital trip. Oh and guess what? We’ve got a template for that too.

Course 3: Pitch

  • Pitch to collaborate with our production team to make high-quality video content for topics like travel destinations, restaurant experiences, and short cooking segments. We’re always open to your ideas so feel free to pitch it via

Jikoni aims to be a platform highlighting cuisines and culinary ideals that are under-represented in the culinary field. This is a place that exists on contributions and interactions by the people, for the people. It is a reflection of a colorful and diverse African diaspora. I hope you find space for yourself here to share your stories of food and beyond. 

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Jasmyn Crawford is the Junior Editor at Jikoni. She began cooking for herself at age 11 and attended CCAP (Careers through Culinary Arts Program) shortly after. When she’s not cooking, she enjoys curating events and writing about food, culture, and travel. You’ll likely catch her wandering in a farmer’s market or booking her next trip.

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