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Our Spice box: Jikoni Test Kitchen Must-Haves - Jikoni

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Our Spice box: Jikoni Test Kitchen Must-Haves

Our Spice box: Jikoni Test Kitchen Must-Haves

Here at the Jikoni test kitchen we are always excited to play around with new spices! For the best inspiration, we look to the variety of uses a particular spice takes on in different cultures. In Scandinavia you’ll find coarsely ground cardamom laced into baked goods and pastries where in India the whole pods are used to fragrance long grain rice.

If you fancy yourself a history buff, there is a lot of great stories on how certain spices found their way in the pantries of home cooks, world’s away from where it originated. In a way spices are our passport to the world.

Here are the 7 spices that currently are frequently used in the Jikoni test kitchen

Berebere Spice

The best blends can be found at Ethiopian markets. You can also make your own blend!

Green Cardamom

We like to buy these whole or shelled, and coarsely grind up fresh to add to baked goods


Both the seeds and ground up spice find their way into a-lot of our meat-based dishes

Coriander Seeds

The whole seeds toasted add a fun ‘pop’ of flavor to potatoes

Sea Salt Flakes

Crushed in between your fingers as you sprinkle over meats ready for roasting or searing. Maldon is our favorite brand

Smoked Paprika

This mild pepper helps gives that ‘bbq’ or open fire taste to dishes cooked indoors


Beyond having loads of nutritional benefits, the vibrant hue can liven up any dish, and is a more affordable alternative to coloring with saffron

In Swahili, Jikoni means kitchen. At our core, that’s what we are. A space to cook, to share, to create.

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