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Before You Begin: Tips For Shooting Photos Or Videos Of Your Recipe

Before You Begin: Tips For Shooting Photos Or Videos Of Your Recipe

From lighting, to battery life, to keeping your shoot running smoothly, we’ve got you covered for everything you need to remember before shooting.

Clean your camera lens with a lens cloth or alcohol wipe

Nope, the corner of your t-shirt won’t cut it. The start to any good video or photo is a clear lens, so make sure to clean yours properly to get the highest quality footage. Alcohol wipes are great for greasy fingerprints too, so always wipe your phone screen as well as the lens to get the best idea of what your final unedited shot will look like. 

Full battery & charger handy

You don’t want to be mid-cheese pull when your phone dies! Always start with a full battery, and keep a charger on hand for emergencies. It is also good to know how much storage you have on your phone, just in case you max it out mid-shoot. 

Prep your ingredients 

Always make sure all the ingredients for the dish are prepped in advance of shooting. Especially with natural light, it can change not only by the time of day, but also by the changes in the weather. If you have to stop shooting to continue with prep, you may lose the light you’ve been shooting with, which could cause consistency issues when it comes to editing. 

Gather props in advance 

We’ve all been there – that feeling of dread when you realize you’ve been shooting the whole time without one of the main props or cookware in the shot. Gather your props in advance, and pick a range of textures and colors that you can swap out and test until you get the right balance. The more variety you have, the more creative freedom you give yourself during the shoot! 

Clear a space near a window 

For the best natural window lighting, or for shooting directly in front of a window, be sure to clean the space first so there are no unintentional shadows or messes in the frame. It also allows for more light to reach your subject, so you can get the most out of the natural shadows and light play. 

Turn off competing lights 

The most important thing to remember with light is to not have conflicting sources. This could be overhead lights if you want natural window light, or harsh sunlight if you’re using a lighting rig. Don’t forget to remove all unwanted light sources before you start shooting, and you can tell what lights to remove by what unwanted shadows or colors are cast onto your subject. 

Got any more tips for shooting videos or photos? Share them with us on our socials, and use the hashtag #MyJikoni to showcase your skills and join our growing community of home cooks! 

In Swahili, Jikoni means kitchen. At our core, that’s what we are. A space to cook, to share, to create.

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