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Pre-Shoot Settings For Taking Food Photos On Your iPhone

Pre-Shoot Settings For Taking Food Photos On Your iPhone

Want to shoot food photos with your iPhone but don’t know where to start? Use our checklist so you’re ready to capture every delicious moment!

And if you find this helpful, screenshot or save the summary below for later so you never have to worry during iPhone shooting again! 

Turn on gridlines

In iPhone settings, under the camera, switch on the grid which overlays a 3×3 box grid on your screen. This allows you to focus on composition and the rule of thirds. You can use the intersections of the grid to decide where to place important compositional elements, and it can also help straighten the leading lines in the image, like wooden slats or dish edges. 

Match plus signs for top-down shots 

Make sure the gridlines are on. When you position the camera in a top-down shot, two plus signs in yellow and white will appear in the center of your screen. If you align these with each other, it means your angle is perfect! 

Timer to combat phone shake 

Tapping the shutter button can sometimes result in a blurry image. To reduce this issue, try setting a 3 second or 10-second timer to eliminate the shake as your phone takes the image for you. This also gives you more time to line up the shot with the on-screen grid! 

Choose a focal point 

Before you take your shot, get into the habit of tapping the screen where you want to focus the camera, like on the bowl of food, or the section of the dish closest to you. This will lock that part of the image in focus, so the camera doesn’t have to guess where the focal point of the image is. 

Burst shutter mode 

Pouring sauce over food is always hard to catch during a shoot. To make it easier, use the burst mode setting to quickly capture every satisfying drip, and hold down the shutter to take multiple photos in one go. You can then come back to them during the editing process to choose the best one. 

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