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Culture through the lens of food

Recipe Submission

Jikoni recipes are cooked up in both our test kitchen and within our community. We aim to highlight cuisines and culinary ideals that are under-represented in the culinary field.

Our current recipe focuses: 

  • Traditional and contemporary African dishes
  • Foods of the African diaspora
  • Adapted international recipes that appeal to the African palate

Approved community-submitted recipes will be professionally shot by our team, so your recipe will be accompanied by a high-quality editorial photograph or video. Your name and socials will be highlighted along with a video featuring the author (if desired).

Check out our recipe guide before you submit a recipe.

  • (Describe your recipe. Where is it from? How did you learn it? When is it served? Personal anecdote, etc.)
  • (Listed in the ​ order they’re used ​ . Include measurements and how to prepare. Examples: 1 cup all purpose flour. 2 pounds chicken thighs, cut in 1-inch chunks )
  • (Be specific. Describe how things should look/feel. Include temperatures and times. Example: ​ Heat a medium sized frying pan over medium high heat. Add bell pepper. Saute until they have slightly softened and are a bit charred, about 5 minutes.)
  • ​(substitution suggestions, especially for regionally specific ingredients)
  • Details

  • (Example: 15 minutes)
  • (Example: 1 hour 20 minutes)
  • ​(Aim for 4 servings, or 6-8 for large dishes. Example: Serves 4 -or- Makes 20 donuts)