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City Guide: Gothenburg, Sweden

City Guide: Gothenburg, Sweden

Hej! Jacob Aduama here and welcome to the Gothenburg city guide! I moved to Gothenburg from the US in 2017. I moved here for football and to work as an engineer. Gothenburg sits on the west coast of Sweden with Oslo, Norway to the north and Copenhagen, Denmark to the south. Gothenburg has Sweden’s west coast best coast vibe and has lots to share in terms of culture, food, and nature!

Local Insights

Currency: Currency is SEK (Swedish Krona), but very few places take cash (card is king). Tipping is not mandatory but feel free to tip if you would like. Many times with the credit machine you are asked to input the whole value not just the tip so be aware of that.

Language: Almost everyone speaks very good English, and most of the instructions, information, and menus are also in English.

Best Time to Visit: May-September, during this time there are the most activities, outdoor restaurants/bars, events, and best weather (several days offer almost 24 hours of sunshine).

In August, a huge music festival called Way Out West features many popular, big names as well as some smaller artists, so if you’re in Gothenburg in August make sure to check that out.

Booze Tip: In Sweden you cannot just buy alcohol anywhere, there are several liquor stores (SystemBolaget) in the city that are open until 18.00 (6pm) during the week and from 10-15 (10-3pm) on Saturday. Plan ahead!


Popular neighborhoods: Centrum, Haga, Eriksberg/Lindholmen

For accommodation my recommendation is to choose hotels; most seem to be reasonably priced and in good locations. You cannot go wrong with the hotels in the city, just make sure to pick a central location so that your destinations are largely walkable.


From the airport, definitely take Flyggbuss as it goes straight to the center of the city and is much cheaper than a taxi. It runs quite often. The bus and tram systems are simple– download the västrafik app or go to one of the kiosks in the city to get a card to load (Brunssparken stop)

Coffee & Pastries

In Swedish there is a word called FIKA which roughly translates to “Coffee Break”, so naturally there are plenty of places to find coffee and pastries around town. A few things that you have to have are Kanellbulle (cinnamon bun) and chokladbollar (Chocolate balls). If you do your research you will undoubtedly come across the huge kanelbullar in Haga, but I would not recommend those for eating, just for photos 😉

Da Matteo (Several locations, but best vibe is the one next to Artilleriet on Magasinsgatan) Magasinsgatan 17A, 411 18 Göteborg

Maison Caillard (One of the best bakeries in Gothenburg area, French)Mölndalsvägen 89D, 412 63 Göteborg

Kafe Magasinet (One of my favorite places on Gothenburg to hang out in, great place for coffee and Fika with a super nice atmosphere)Tredje Långgatan 9, 413 03 Göteborg


Breakfast/Brunch in Sweden is interesting as most places have a smörgåsbord (yes the word is Swedish) of food, served Swedish buffet-style. Prinskorv (mini hot dogs), meatballs, potatoes and as much pickled herring as your heart desires!


Boulebar Brunch and “ lawn bowl” why not?

Haga Most of the places in this area have a good breakfast brunch, so it is worth just popping in and seeing what they have!

Post Hotel


When it comes to lunch, most of the restaurants you see will have salads, sandwiches, and burgers, so if you’re in it for the location and outdoor seating, most places are safe. If you are in it for the food, my recommendations are below:

Jinx (Asian bites) Vallgatan 21B, 411 16 Göteborg

Gelaterian (Gelato) Grönsakstorget 1, 411 17 Göteborg

Tugg (Best burger in Gothenburg) Drottninggatan 21, 411 14 Göteborg


If you are in Gothenburg and only have 3 dinners, please find my recommendations below! Gothenburg is a city full of culinary gems of varying levels. I am someone who values food, service, and atmosphere so keep that in mind when considering my suggestions!

Toso (Asian, very difficult to get a table so book in advance!) Götaplatsen, 412 56 Göteborg

Champagnebaren (Pairing menu is magnifique! Who doesn’t want champagne with every course?) Kyrkogatan 13

Heaven 23 (Some of the best views in the city in a great location, it is wise to book a table at the adjacent restaurant just in case Heaven 23 is full, but I think the wait is worth it.) Mässans gata 22, 412 51 Göteborg


It is not hard to find places in Gothenburg that serve good drinks, but for some of the best, check out my recommendations below. If you can´t tell, I prefer Gin.

Steampunk Bar Gin and tonics Kungsgatan 7A, 411 19 Göteborg

Zamenhof Wine and beer on tap, as well as extra strong Gin Esperantoplatsen 5, 411 19 Göteborg

Bar Bruno New, same family as champagnebaren Kyrkogatan 13, 411 15 Göteborg

Stranger Hidden bar with an amazing drink list. It is next to tranquilo, go to the door to the left of tranquilo and press the doorbell) Kungstorget 14, 411 10 Göteborg

Night of Fun

Avenyn is the place to be if you want to go to clubs/bars. If it’s Friday hit an AW. An AW (After Work) is when people go out directly after work to get drinks at happy hour prices. Best AW places are Yaki-Da (free Pizza), Lounge (Free tacos), and Olssons Vin (Great champagne/wine happy hour). There are also some fun venues with games like Biljardpalatset and Zamenhof (Time crisis and ping pong anyone?).

Port du Soleil Indoor, outdoor club, most poppin spot in the summer Nya allén 11, 411 38 Göteborg

Lounge(s) (Multiple rooms, Lemon bar usually has hip-hop/afrobeats) Kungsportsavenyen 5, 411 36 Göteborg

Unity Jazz (For those that want to go out and listen to music without being at a club) Kyrkogatan 13, 411 15 Göteborg

Hungry after a night out? Hit Kebaberia for as much kebab as you can handle! Make sure to get a “tallrik” with fries and rice if you want to make sure you have food for when you cannot be bothered to leave the hotel/apartment the next day!

Daytime Activities

If the weather is good, be outside as much as possible. Living in Sweden you start to appreciate all sunny weather regardless of how cold it may be. And you will notice that swedes do the same. Take a walk, grab a beer, or take a tour through Gothenburg on the canals. Just make sure you’re outside!

Paddan Tour Touristy but gives you  a good overview of Gothenburg and some history

Rooftops It does not get much better than a G&T in the sun with a view of the city! Rooftops listed in order of awesomeness

  • Bellora Kungsportsavenyen 6, 411 36 Göteborg
  • Comfort hotel Skeppsbroplatsen 1, 411 21 Göteborg 
  • Bar Himmel 1, Götaplatsen, 412 56 Göteborg
  • Ruby Kungsportsavenyen 24, 400 14 Göteborg
  • Storan, Kungsparken 1, 411 36 Göteborg


  • Trädgården Slussgatan 1, 411 06 Göteborg
  • Botaniska Carl Skottsbergs gata 22A, 413 19 Göteborg

Slottskogen Slottskogspromenaden, 414 76 Göteborg

Football match Local Teams: IFK göteborg, GAIS, BK Häcken

Lindholmen/Eriksberg Nice locations on the other side of the river


One thing I was surprised about when I moved to Sweden was the amount of homeware shops. There are many in Gothenburg and I have listed some of the best and most unique below, but you can’t really go wrong with any that you stumble across, so I recommend going into any that pique your interest.

Tell Me More (Homeware) Haga Nygata 29, 413 01 Göteborg

Artilleriet (Homeware) Magasinsgatan 19, 411 18 Göteborg

Vallgatan 12 (Homeware and clothing) Vallgatan 12 411 16 Göteborg

Cali Roots (Sneaker Store) Södra Larmgatan 11, 411 16 Göteborg

Volt (Mens clothing) Fredsgatan 12-14, 411 08 Göteborg


Fortunately, not everyone is blond-haired and blue-eyed in Gothenburg. There are many Eastern Africans in Gothenburg and there is a nice family that runs the Safar Salon in the middle of the city. Go there for product, braids, or other hairstyle-related services. If you need a barber, go to Starz Barbershop, also in the city. The guys there are top!

Starz Barbershop Luntantugatan 2, 411 20 Göteborg

Safar Östra Larmgatan 10, 411 07 Göteborg


As a city on the coast, Gothenburg is known for its seafood which is why you need to check out Feskekörka (Fish Church) which has fresh seafood on display and two seafood restaurants. Saluhallen is a great food hall where you can buy prepared food, meats, cheeses, bread and anything else you need for a picnic in slottsskogen. If cooking and need some special ingredients/food, I recommend some of the asian markets in town (listed below) or the African market near Nordstan (shopping center in the city)

Feskekörka Fisktorget 4, 411 20 Göteborg

Saluhallen Kungstorget, 411 17 Göteborg

Asian markets Kungsportsplatsen & Grönsakstorget

African market location (Located in door next to indian restaurant at Köpmansgatan 27, 411 06 Göteborg) There is no name on the door but they have phone card advertisements on the outside, looks a bit sketchy but totally worth it!

Eko Livs (Healthy organic store, great for buying grains, nuts, and vegetables) Södra Allégatan 2, 413 01 Göteborg


If you’re like me and enjoy a run/workout while traveling I have some suggestions for fun places around gothenburg. Most hotels should have a gym but if you want some fresh air, the best place to run is Slottsskogen. There is an outdoor gym there as well, if you wish to supplement your cardio. There is also an outdoor gym in Johanneberg at Mossen which is great for a nice run, workout, and run back if you’re central.

Mossen Ljungbackegatan 1, 412 59 Göteborg

Hej! Jacob Aduama here and welcome to the Gothenburg city guide! I moved to Gothenburg from the US in 2017. I moved here for football and to work as an engineer.

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