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Pre-Shoot Settings For Filming Cooking Videos On Your iPhone

Pre-Shoot Settings For Filming Cooking Videos On Your iPhone

Want to shoot food videos with your iPhone but don’t know where to start? Use our checklist so you’re ready to capture every delicious moment! And if you find this helpful, screenshot or save the summary below for later so you never have to worry during iPhone shooting again! 


No one wants to be interrupted mid-speech or mid-sauce drip when your phone starts to ring during shooting! Aside from the distraction, the added vibrations and audio can distort your shooting, or stop it altogether. Always switch on Do Not Disturb before you start! 

4K AT 24 FPS VS. 4K AT 60 FPS 

4K video is very high quality, but it can also take up a lot of storage. 24 FPS uses motion blur between frames to create a smooth appearance for regular videos, but 60 FPS is better for slow-mo as it captures more frames per second, creating a smoother video when slowed down. 


In iPhone settings, under camera, switch on the grid which overlays a 3×3 box grid on your screen. This allows you to focus on composition and the rule of thirds. You can use the intersections of the grid to decide where to place important compositional elements, and it can also help straighten the leading lines in the image, like wooden slats or dish edges. 


iPhones use auto exposure and auto focus when shooting. To keep the phone from changing settings during your video, tap and hold the screen where your subject is to focus on it, and a yellow box will appear with AE/AF LOCK at the top. To the right of the AE/AF box is a sun, and you can drag this up or down to adjust the exposure. 


The number displayed above the shutter button on your screen is the optic zoom your phone is capable of (e.g. 0.5x, 1x, 2x). These are great for when you want to slightly zoom in or out of the shot. If you use the “pinch to zoom” technique, your phone uses digital zoom and will reduce the video quality by magnifying the image on the screen, rather than using the lens to zoom in.

Got any more tips for shooting videos on an iPhone? Share them with us on our socials, and use the hashtag #MyJikoni to showcase your skills and join our growing community of home cooks!

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